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favorite 80’s movies » Gleaming The Cube (dir. by Graeme Clifford, 1989)

”Adults are predictable. Yeah, they’re living under this illusion that life, as we know it, is going to continue forever. So they expect us to act like what we do today will have an effect on what we do in 30 years. I mean it’s rediculous to think there’s going to be anything in 30 years. I don’t know what’s worse, ya know. Being blown up in a nuclear war or having a 7-11 on every corner.”

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Kelis’ on Ninja Tune. I think her on doing an album with that label is a perfect fit. Her full album “Food” is available for download on iTunes. Check this Breach Remix of “Rumble”. 

peep her soundcloud for other remixes, etc 


New Track called “Love in High Places” off the forthcoming album The Golden Echo due for release in mid-August… i’d imagine some pretty dope remixes are gonna come out of this. this original is so sweet, though, with her melodic soul vocals over 80’s synths and basslines, i’d definitely bump this. heck yes.

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